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Practice Areas

At Accelerated Business Consulting, we not only identify your business's Achilles' heel, we also roll up our sleeves and implement the solution for you. We offer both project contracts and monthly subscription packages of our services, so you can outsource your struggle areas and focus on where your natural business inclinations lie. 

Wichita Business Consultant.
Financial Planning. Process Improvement. Kansas.

Diagnostic Analysis

Our diagnostic services provide detailed insight into how your company can reach its maximum value through optimized marketing, finance, operations, and talent management. Our team can provide you with a Holistic Diagnostic Report or a specialized report focusing on one of our practice areas. 


Our marketing practice specializes in helping business leaders maximize their reach and sales potential through both the digital and tangible marketing. Our expertise is the bleeding edge of marketing through SEO, website traffic, email marketing, guerilla campaigns, local reach, and more. We offer consulting, implementation, and outsourcing services for all levels of marketing service. 


ABC believes proper financial reporting and data analytics lead to a revitalized business structure. Our finance services include strategy and implementation of data tracking systems and allocation & investment strategy. Our finance practice directly feeds into the optimization of all areas of your business. 

Operations & Process Improvement

Our operations & process improvement practice makes your business leaner and stronger. Our team will deep dive into your business's daily operations and procedures to create a strategy that will transform your company or division into a market leader. Additionally, ABC does offer technological transformation implementation to smooth the transition to a leaner office. 

Talent Management

ABC believes talent management is the key to a healthy company culture and a business's longevity. Allow our consultants to analyze your personnel organization and identify how your team members can best utilize their individual strengths so your company can flourish. Additionally, ABC offers recruitment strategy and pre-screening services, legacy planning, and employee retention strategy.

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